How do you find the STRENGTH to push on after facing rounds of painful treatments? How do you access the COURAGE from deep within to face fear in the eye? How do you remain UNBREAKABLE at every hurdle? How do you find OPTIMISM to battle the unimaginable uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis?

Please join us in IGNITING the STRENGTH Blanket Project.
Our mission is to wrap as many cancer patients across
the country in blankets of STRENGTH and COURAGE.

The STRENGTH Blanket Project was created to inspire cancer patients in the toughest, coldest fight of their lives. The STRENGTH Blanket Project provides physical warmth and emotional support for cancer patients during the seemingly endless journey of their illness.

Countless studies indicate that a positive mindset can increase positive outcomes. Evidence supports looking at positive words and speaking positive language can boost positive emotions. When we win in our mind we enable our body to follow. The STRENGTH Blanket Project gives patients and their loved ones a bold message that while cancer may weaken the body; it does not have to destroy their spirit.

Right now, over 15 million Americans are in the fight of their lives against over 200 forms of cancer. You can make a difference with compassion and altruism. These values exist at the very core of humanity and together we can create immeasurable and unstoppable inspiration. This mission seeks to ignite a movement of grace for every mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter and best friend, who find themselves fighting their toughest battle.

Help us spread this message. BE THE ONE to make a difference in someone's life. BE THE ONE to make a difference in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of lives. It's not a question of if you can make a difference but how big of a difference you want to make.



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