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The word you see is yours alone.

The word you see is yours alone.

Look down, what you see and read is
a constant reminder of inner motivation and potential for change.

Story Behind the Clothing
Approach your moments.<br /><strong>Empower your actions.</strong>

Approach your moments.
Empower your actions.

Our new “Breathe” and “Move” yoga hoodies celebrate
the relationship between breathing and movement, signature elements
of any physical practice.

Meet our new yoga hoodie
Turn your apparel into something<br /><strong>you wear from the inside, out</strong>.

Turn your apparel into something
you wear from the inside, out.

Experience the widespread effect you have on those around you.

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<strong>A mental shift</strong> triggers your physical response.

A mental shift triggers your physical response.

Get your mind in motion
<strong>Make your clothing</strong></br> a reminder

Make your clothing
a reminder

that keys a new way of thinking
and being in the world.

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