Get your body in motion & your mind will follow.

Mind in Motion is for people from all walks who strive to get the most out of today. Learn new techniques for simultaneously strengthening the physical and emotional to gain life balance.

Experience It

Invite Inspiration

Get your organization on their feet and into action. Give Leigh the motivational podium. Go one-on-one and be inspired by today’s most dynamic force for positive change and personal excellence.

Hear it

Meet founder Leigh Weinraub.

Champion athlete, coach, acclaimed motivational speaker, Leigh empowers possibilities by teaching how to heighten self-awareness and convert your core physical and emotional energies into everyday greatness.

Live it

Become your own courageous movement.

Embrace the vast potential of “NOW” by opening your mind to possibilities and putting goals within walking distance. Make today your day to rise and shine. Make these words your personal wake-up call.

Feel it

Clothing that moves you.

Inspired by the inner-strength within every individual. Constructed from lightweight, eco-friendly fabric, fashion meets motivation to enable the body to move freely, breathe deeply and set the human spirit soaring.

Wear it

Give it your all.

Will you become more open as a way of connecting more deeply? Will you move forward by giving back to your community? Join Mind in Motion and discover how you can make a powerful difference one step at a time.

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