August 18, 2016

Look Within

Fear of what other people think causes us to second-guess and question everything we think, feel, and do. There are two ends of the spectrum for those affected by this crushing anxiety to always belong – those who shut down and avoid contact, and those who exhaust themselves trying to live up to the expectations of everyone they meet – and plenty who feel trapped somewhere between these two extremes. What if you could match your inner and outer lives? What if you could start living a life where what you say matches what you feel, think, and do? What if the secret to happiness is as simple and as difficult as listening – really and truly listening – to yourself? Start here for the beginning of Mind in Motion Founder Leigh Weinraub's Look Within Project. With 12 months of articles focusing on inspiration, introspection, self-actualization and learning to love every bit of the person you are, the Look Within Series is your personal call to action and battle plan to start living your ideal, full life.

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