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Mind In Motion offers executive coaching as well as a customizable workshops and programs. Our offerings can be a combination of in-person, virtual or phone, depending on your needs.

Our approach is centered around helping you and your teams build emotional strength and discipline through practice and physical movement, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness, confidence and performance.

Helping you, your team and, ultimately, your organization generate sustained high performance is our goal, we just have a very unique and personally powerful way of going about it.

Here are the areas where we excel:


GET YOUR MIND IN MOTION is our flagship keynote that Leigh has delivered to countless companies around the globe. It promotes positive psychology, self-awareness and personal growth. It’s perfect for everything from an offsite kick-off to a more intimate staff meeting or "lunch and learn" session.

Length: 60-90 minutes; Now available in shorter, virtual durations such as 10 - 20 minutes, depending on your needs

Description: Life is pulling us in a million different directions. This talk wakes us up to the importance of self-reflection and how to best utilize it on a daily basis. Learn to regulate emotions, master your thinking and transform your problem-solving abilities. How do we maximize our potential for greatness and make better decisions to support our path? This talk provides practical tools to optimize performance in all aspects of life.


Leigh’s signature Walk-and-Talk coaching is offered for groups as well as individuals in private sessions. Sessions can be in-person, virtual or by phone.


Length: 50 minutes

Description: These private sessions represent a powerful
investment in your people. They offer an opportunity for each person to increase self- awareness, ignite self-motivation, process
life’s challenges, reduce stress, and take a significant step toward
unleashing potential. This experience culminates by setting
positive, powerful intentions that will help each individual reach
their personal best.


Length: 60-90 minutes

Description: In this 60 or 90 minute session participants will find inspiration, reflection and movement in nature. They are guided through an intentional process where the body moves, the mind opens, endorphins crank and the soul recharges. As we lace up our sneakers and unplug from technology, the power of nature will open up the inspiration to share, learn and genuinely connect.


Mind In Motion offers a variety of interactive workshops which are flexibly designed to meet the needs of any size group. From a live virtual experience to a convention center, boardroom or dining room, our tried and true workshops offer powerful team-building benefits.


An interactive workshop focused on identifying obstacles, understanding body language and tapping into personal power. (Length: 60 minutes)


An intimate group conversation promoting the importance of human connection and empathy. Design your future and get inspired! (Length: 60 minutes)


A food, wine - and sometimes whiskey - tasting where we return to the very basic sensory experiences of being mindful. (Length: 45 minutes)


A creative team dining experience with reflective exercises that bring the team closer - all while savoring a profound sensory experience. (Length: 90 minutes)


If your goal for your team is true transformation leading to sustained high performance, you will want to consider our GET YOUR MIND IN MOTION and our KEEP YOUR MIND IN MOTION programs. As with any consistent, high performing athlete or team, championship wins don’t happen overnight. Similarly, it takes time, focus, repetition and commitment to build the emotional strength necessary for greater self-awareness, confidence and personal power. Without the equivalent of strong motivational muscle memory, it’s difficult for teams of any size to generate sustained high performance and results.

We invite you to join the movement to get and keep your mind in motion.


This 2-day course is intended to become the foundation of our longer-term program, KEEP YOUR MIND IN MOTION but can also be delivered as a stand-alone offering.

Day 1

    Get Your Mind In Motion Keynote
    • Group Walk-and-Talk Coaching Sessions
    A Taste of Mindfulness Team Dinner or Wine/Whiskey Tasting

Day 2

    Kick Your Mental Couch to the CurborDraw Your Legacy Workshop
    • Individual Walk-and-Talk Coaching Sessions
    • Wrap-up


This 6 or 9 month program has your team developing breakthrough goals and developing the emotional and motivational muscle-memory to generate sustained high performance and results.

    • 2-Day Growth Intensive (Kick-off), onsite
    • Walk-and-Talk coaching for select high performing managers and/or executives (3, 6, 9 month options), by phone
    • Bi-Monthly team accountability check-ins, onsite
    • Program Completion, onsite


Finally, we will also work with you to develop a program that meets your organization’s specific goals and objectives. It could be a combination of any topic, keynote or workshop. This is where it really gets interesting.

What do you want for your team or organization?
Where do you think you can help them the most and which avenue is the best for them to learn? Do you want to promote an overall healthier lifestyle or get your team thinking about the business differently? Do you need to focus on employee engagement to jump start performance? Or maybe you just want to provide a general holistic approach focusing on mind and body to help people be the best versions of themselves. We’re happy to work with you on defining and executing the best program to meet your needs.


Ready to work with us to transform your team and company? Contact us below.