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Comfortable Work Out Clothing

Comfortable Work Out Clothing

In workout wear, comfort is key – no one wants to wear anything that restricts movement and makes their exercise routine even harder. Here at Mind in Motion, we strive to provide workout clothing that's not only comfortable, but boldly stylish, with only the best materials, stitching, and sizing. The Look Within collection is your one-stop exercise wardrobe stop, featuring only the best in comfort, durability,  looks, and – most importantly – inspiration.

Every piece in the Look Within collection features our unique and innovative stitched single word mantras. Developed by renowned motivational coach and counselor Leigh Weinraub, each prominent, boldly stitched word like “Strength,” “Move,” or “Focus,” is placed upside down on the garment, so you can look down to read it whenever you need a refreshing boost of mental energy. Over time, this single word becomes a powerful source of motivation and inner strength, allowing your mind to center on your goal, and giving you that mental boost you need to stay on track.

Our commitment to comfort and quality exercise wear starts with our short and long sleeve bamboo tees. Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, these Look Within tees are luxuriously soft and include 5% spandex for that added flexibility. Complete the look with our dry wicking, antimicrobial shorts, and flattering, flatlock stitched capris for a durable and stylish exercise outfit.

Explore the Look Within collection's array of style, comfort, and inspiration. Find the mantra that personally speaks to you, and experience a workout clothing wardrobe that comforts you in both body and mind.