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Inspirational Workout Clothes for Men

Inspirational Workout Clothes for Men

Let's be honest here: exercise is hard. Keeping with your routine consistently despite distractions at work, home, or even from yourself is even harder. We know you're up to the challenge, though, and we've got the workout clothes designed to keep you comfortable and keep you going. You're working hard to improve yourself, and the Look Within collection is here to help you do that, inside and out.

Our men's shorts are perfect for runners, engineered for exceptional lightweight comfort and maximum durability. Made of 100% polyester birdseye knit jacard, antimicrobial, and dry wicking, our shorts are great for cardio, weight training, and yoga. Top it off with our 100% superfine combed ring-spun jersey cotton crewnecks. Custom dyed and vintage washed for that extra added softness, our slim fit crewnecks add always appreciated comfort to your exercise routine and modern style to your exercise wear.

A perfect blend of style and functionality, Look Within exercise wear moves with you and motivates you, using Mind in Motion founder's Leigh Weinraub's tested and proven power of inspirational mantras. A single word stitched upside down like “Move,” or “Focus” puts a simple yet strong, motivational mantra within easy reach. Simply look down to read the word that speaks most to you to re-center yourself and revitalize your mind with a boost of focusing motivation.

Sometimes all you need to do that extra rep is a simple reminder to stay determined, strong, and willing to see it through to reach your fitness goals. Keep your focus while staying comfortable with the Look Within collection's inspirational workout clothes for men.