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Leigh Weinraub is an innovative pioneer in the world of personal transformation, moving people toward their peak performance.

Nationally recognized speaker, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Champion Athlete

Leigh rose from one of America’s top junior tennis players, to scholarship athlete to coaching of Dartmouth and Northwestern University.  She helped lead the team to consecutive conference championships and a number three national ranking.

After earning her Masters in counseling psychology from Northwestern, Leigh went on to build a thriving private practice using her innovative WALK AND TALK THERAPY, renowned for developing a positive outlook in support of individual confidence for thousands of clients. Predominately, OFF THE COUCH!!!

Today, Leigh leads a new movement that will teach you how to unlock your inner-strength to become your own greatest champion.

Speaking: Invite Inspiration

Get your organization on their feet and into action. Give Leigh the motivational podium. Be inspired by today’s most dynamic force for positive change and personal excellence.

“When we square our shoulders, take a deep breath and shift focus from the road ahead to the moment right in front of us, we realize the answers aren’t out there somewhere. They’re found by looking within.”

Just a few of the companies and institutions moved to decisive action by Leigh’s message of emotional strength through physical motion.

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Speaking Topics

Check out the descriptions of Leigh’s current talks and let her take your group or company to the next level.


Jack Dempsey said "A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." You have one body, one mind, and one precious chance at life. In order to be your best, you must look out for number one and become emotionally FIT! Drawing from her knowledge of athletes and how mental training enhances their performance, Leigh will teach you how to perform at your best by using the mindset of an athlete to optimize your life. You will increase your self-awareness and turn that insight into an executable action plan by learning to move, talk, solve, relax, discover, win and maximize more. Leave this lecture with fitness, of the emotional kind.


Einstein so superbly professed, "An unexamined life is not worth living." Coach Leigh uses the Socratic method to explore questions that will open your eyes, clarify your mind, and spark a fire in your body to make the changes that will lead you to your personal best. This interactive workshop is designed to increase self-awareness and turn that insight into a manageable action plan. You will not only heighten your understanding of the obstacles that keep you from achieving what you truly want, but you will also be encouraged to examine how to turn your dynamic energy and passion into deep transformative change.


Explore the complexity of tasting unique wines and decadent cheeses. Take a hedonistic odyssey with your SENSES and awaken your inner resolve. Learn tools to heighten your sensory experience. CONNECT with like-minded achievers and share the enjoyment of exploring subtle flavors, aromas, and textures. Appreciate every sip and as you recognize the potential within every life moment. "Life is too short to drink bad wine".


You are what you eat; is it possible you are HOW you eat? Eating can be a complex aspect of life and with deliberate practice you can optimize how you savor, process, digest and react to every bite you take. In this experiential breakfast, you will explore your attachment to food and your relationship with eating. Are you an emotional eater? Do you overeat when you are bored? Do you inhale your food and immediately contemplate seconds? Learn transformational techniques on how to savor each bite and relish the sensory experience of the vital process of eating. Bon Appetit!


You've probably heard the adage "sports are a mirror of life." Playing tennis requires problem-solving skills, learning from mistakes, increased positive self-talk, and focused commitment. Self-discovery on the court can help self-actualization in life. Are you impatient or overly emotional? Do you give up easily? Come out for a healthy, endorphin-pumping workout while looking in the mirror on the court. Join Coach Leigh and hit your way to happiness and learn what the racquet and ball are really telling you. All levels welcome.


Sometimes you just have to cut loose and have a little fun! Join Coach Leigh for some high energy, invigorating tennis where drills are fast paced, playful, and set to upbeat music you'll love. There's nothing sweeter than finding that mind-body-soul-spirit sensation of being so thoroughly engaged that time flies. You'll leave the court with your blood flowing and a song on your lips.


Are you looking for an experience in which you can be thoroughly engaged and have fun while quieting your mind and finding that magical feeling of flow? Hit the tennis courts and feel rhythm while striking the ball to soothing tunes. This clinic will include ball-feeding drills and hitting while emphasizing self awareness, tuning out distractions, finding a groove, trusting your body, discovering the power of muscle memory and reaching the state of being "consciously unconscious." This clinic is about the journey inward as an athlete. All levels encouraged.


Commit your group or organization to a mind and body life changing and FUN retreat with Leigh and get into top physical and self-awareness shape. Leigh will work with you to plan a customized program that could include a combination of the above Mindfuleigh programs.

To inquire about how Leigh is changing people’s lives and how you can have her speak to your group:
Click on the link below, fill out the request form and we will get back to you promptly.

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