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100% of the proceeds go to the Strength Blanket Project.
This meaningful and modern rubber bracelet is a simple reminder to practice your UNBREAKABILITY while supporting others in their journey.

Mind In Motion created the Look Within Project as a give back mission to encourage people to take a deeper look inside and recognize the strength that lies within. We have decided to take this MIND, BODY, SPIRIT connection deeper and higher by raising money and donating our WORDrobe to patients receiving cancer treatment across the world.

Purchase bracelets and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Strength Blanket Project.

When we win in the mind, we win in the body. Everyone needs daily reminders to practice the actions most essential to well-being. On our darkest days, these reminders are even more important. We recognize that all people face challenges in life and we want to be a support system during these times. Whether you or someone you love is dealing with an illness or facing a challenge, we are here.

JOIN OUR MOVEMENT. Bring your loved ones with you.