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Look Within: We Can Run, But We Can’t Escape

Insecurity strikes us as soon as puberty, demolishing our self-esteem and immediately putting our lives on hold as we succumb the whims of others' judgments. Gone are our carefree summers as children – we suddenly become obsessed with how we look, how others will perceive our actions, and desperately struggle against ourselves to “fit in” lest we be ostracized from peers, family, and friends. Leign Weinraub, Mind in Motion Founder and Champion Motivator, tells us a story in this Look Within Project series article that everyone who has gone through those awkward teenage years can relate to, and reflects how this tale of a zit gone out of control – at our own constant worrying and prodding – relates to our fruitless, exhausting quest to please everyone but ourselves. Follow a call to action by aspiring to change and start loving yourself again, giving time and care to neighbors and those in need rather than obsessing about yourself, and, most importantly, to love and embrace the person you are – zits and all.

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