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Active Wear for Women

The best active wear for women is not only comfortable, stretchy, and beautiful – it is inspirational. When you’re running that last mile or striking a challenging yoga pose, what drives you to success rather than failure? For many women, the answer can be unclear. Some days are just better than others, right? What if we told you that the ability to succeed is within you every day of the year, and that all you need to do is tap into this inner power?

Although this sounds easy in theory, the reality is that it’s hard to execute. Modern stressors and everyday challenges can strip away your confidence and drive, causing you to forget how to reach your goals. Mind in Motion is our simple solution that works. Backed by the success of founder Leigh Weinraub, this motivational active wear for women can bring you more confidence and success through simple mantras.

Each article of clothing features an inspirational message printed upside down that is designed to help wearers achieve their personal goals. For the anxious athlete, reading the word “BREATHE” can help one become centered, relaxed, and inspired. When spoken or read with intention, words can be the catalyst for personal transformation.

As an accomplished athlete and counseling psychologist, Leigh wanted to combine her two passions to benefit a wider audience. She found much success in coaching athletes while they wore Mind in Motion apparel, which inspired her to grow her business into the innovative creation it is today. So if you’ve been on the hunt for active wear for women that can help you unleash your inner power, take a look at our online collection today!

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