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Athletic Apparel

BELIEVE. Bamboo Long Sleeve Tee

Mind in Motion is the newest brand of athletic apparel to inspire and motivate its wearers. Each article of clothing features an upside down printed motivational message chosen by the wearer. If you’re looking to foster more acceptance and well-being in your life, mantras such as “GRATITUDE” and “BELIEVE” can be your inspiration.

Founder Leigh Weinraub is an innovative pioneer in the world of self-accountability and personal transformation. Some of her inspirational titles include: nationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, blogger, champion athlete, and psychologist. Her first-hand experience with the power of inner dialogue and repeated mantras for success makes her a leading expert in the field of personal transformation. Leigh has always been an innovative powerhouse of positive change. After earning her Master’s degree in counseling psychology, she built a thriving private practice centered on walk and talk therapy, which takes clients off the couch and out of the office into the outdoors. By combining therapy with exercise, patients will feel more relaxed, at ease, and conversational. 

At Mind in Motion, Leigh is continuing to help others unlock their true potential using innovative methods that work. Her athletic apparelline is brilliant in its simplicity. With the aid of a short motivational message, wearers are reminded of the ideal they wish to strive for. Wearing a mantra on your body holds you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself, and can result in increased confidence, positivity, and drive.

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