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Yoga Clothing

Have you been searching for a unique brand of yoga clothing that aligns with your personal values and breathes life into your everyday experience? Mind in Motion by Leigh Weinraub could be the answer. More than just your average apparel company, we thrive on personal empowerment and inner greatness.

Mind in Motion apparel is a testament to the belief that simple actions can create powerful results. When founder and athlete Leigh Weinraub created this yoga clothing line, she wanted to spread motivation with an accessible inspirational message. It first began while coaching a tennis player; Leigh created a shirt for her client with the word “BREATHE” printed upside down to help calm her nerves during the game. This experiment was so successful because whenever the player became nervous or anxious, she could simply look down at her shirt to re-center herself. It was only a matter of time before the rest of Leigh’s students began wearing her custom Mind in Motion apparel to help them access their inner stillness during the game.

Consumers who wear Mind in Motion believe that apparel should serve the individual wearing it, rather than represent flashy name brands. Each article of clothing has a message to remind the wearer to slow down, become centered, and find inspiration to catalyze their personal transformation. A mantra can aid the user in achieving stillness and meditative awareness towards a personal goal, and that is exactly what Mind in Motion apparel is aiding its wearers to achieve.

So if you’ve found yourself trying to slow down, breathe, and have gratitude for the present moment, Mind in Motion yoga clothing could be an inspirational addition to your wardrobe collection.

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