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Yoga Clothes

Are you looking to upgrade your yoga clothes so that they reflect your core values? Why settle for your typical, run of the mill apparel line when you can wear a pair of yoga pants with inspirational words of encouragement that help you in your practice? Mind in Motion is carving its path in the yoga world with its inspiring message and practical everyday use.

If you’re struggling in your everyday life, that is a reflection of your inner world. How often have you found yourself thinking negative thoughts that drag you down and limit your personal success? For example, the anxious mind can become so overwhelmed and overburdened with thoughts and worries that do not serve the individual. Although the solution we offer may seem basic, it’s rooted in human psychology. Intrinsic motivation is often catalyzed by a single memorable mantra or message. Each article of clothing features a mantra that is printed upside down so the wearer can look down and benefit from words of encouragementsuch as: “BREATHE”, “GRATITUDE”, “BELIEVE”, “FOCUS”, and “IMAGINE”.

When founder Leigh Weinraub first came up with her motivational line of yoga clothes, she was inspired during her experiences as an athletic coach. In a brilliant effort to reduce game anxiety for her clients, Leigh created the iconic “BREATHE” Mind in Motion athletic shirt. The results were undeniable, as players claimed the simple mantras reminded them to slow down, center themselves, and focus on the game, rather than their anxious thoughts.

Today, Leigh brings her passion for human psychology and inspired self-empowerment to her Mind in Motion apparel line. For yoga clothes that truly make a difference in your life, check out Mind in Motion today.

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