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Women’s Athletic Clothing

Mind in Motion is a unique brand of women’s athletic clothing that strives to empower, inspire, and motivate consumers towards a healthy lifestyle. How many times in your life have you felt trapped in a bad habit without the inner motivation to break yourself free? Or how often have you started a workout regime, only to give up after a few intense sessions?

We specialize in empowerment for men, women, and children. Not only does our athletic apparelstand up to daily wear and tear, but each garment is carefully adorned with a simple inspirational mantra that is thoughtfully printed upside down so that the wearer can read it at ease. If you’ve tried to remind yourself to practice gratitude and are struggling to remember during those difficult moments, this is the apparel for you. There’s simply no way to avoid your personal mantra when it’s printed in all caps on the hem of your shirt.

When founder Leigh Weinraub created her motivational women’s athletic clothing line, she was inspired by her experience as a counseling psychologist who offered innovative walk and talk therapy. Leigh was able to take her simple idea of walking with patients during therapy sessions and achieve great results. As an athletic coach, she took a similar creative approach to a common problem. When one of her clients complained of anxiety and nerves during a game, Leigh designed a simple shirt with the word “BREATHE” printed upside down. This visual reminder proved to be the catalyst for her client to regain her inner calm and feel empowered to succeed.

Mind in Motion is our simple empowermentsolution for people who would love for their athletic clothing to make a profound difference in their lives.

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