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Women’s Athletic Wear

Nowadays, the world of women’s athletic wear is oversaturated with options. From huge name brands to small business products, your ability to choose is virtually endless. The average consumer may not recognize the impact that an apparel purchase can have on the well-being of themselves and others around them. What if we told you that you can wear clothing that features a positive message and words of encouragement? Rather than represent corporate interests, imagine representing personal ideals of self-empowerment. Mind in Motion apparel is an innovative women’s athletic wear brand that strives to inspire wearers with simple mantras for success.

Our signature style is elegant and inspired. Choose from phrases such as “BREATHE”, “GRATITUDE”, “MOVE”, “LOOK WITHIN”, “FOCUS” and more. Every article of clothing features bold printing that is purposefully placed upside down so the wearer can continually look down at their chosen mantra and reap the benefits. Founder Leigh Weinraub is an innovator in the fields of athletics and psychology. Having earned her Master’s degree in counseling psychology and after a lifetime of renowned athleticism, Leigh realized that she could use her unique life experience to improve the lives of consumers in addition to her regular clients.

Mind in Motion is a brilliant concept with a beautiful message. With just a simple reminder to look within, we all have the ability to increase our confidence and heighten our awareness to produce positive results. Mind in Motion is changing the way we think about apparel. We create women’s athletic wear that truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

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